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A fiduciary wealth advisor  
that understands the specific financial opportunities & challenges a military career brings.

Michael Finch, CPWA®

Do you know your risk number? 

An example of a Riskalyze output of 44 for risk tolerance

Risk Number® technology utilizes a scientific framework awarded the Noble Prize for Economics and objectively calculates an investor's true risk tolerance.


Michael Finch, CPWA®, MBA, is a retired Air Force Colonel and C-17 pilot and the founder of Finch Wealth Management.  Mike:

  • is a graduate of Yale’s School of Management's Wealth Management Theory & Practice program.

  • is a Certified Private Wealth Advisor® Certificant,  an advanced professional certification for advisors who serve high-net-worth clients.

  • earned his undergraduate degree in Finance and his MBA with a concentration in Finance from the Eller College of Management at the University of Arizona.


  • Meet with you virtually to understand your financial goals.

  • Use Riskalyze to assess your risk tolerance and current investment risk.

  • Understand current and future resources you will have to commit to those goals.

  • Create a cost-effective portfolio matching your risk tolerance and create a finanical plan.

  • Continously review the progress towards the goals.


We focus on helping families and individuals in 3 phases of life:

  • Families in second careers approaching retirement.

  • Families preparing for retirement or separation from the military

  • Young families accumulating assets.

Frequently Asked Questions 

Who is your ideal client? 

Who is not a good fit?  

Who do you use for an account custodian?  

Do you meet with clients virtually? 

Do you have conflicts of interest?  Are you a fiduciary?

What are your fees? 

Is it too late for me to gain financial independence and leave a legacy for my children? 

Our Partners 

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