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Time-critical bucket lists items

In January, I shared my blog Bucket lists and why you need to start them now!

In his book "Die with Zero," Bill Perkins used the graphic below to give an example of how many bucket list items fit well into specific periods in our lives. We can wait until we're seventy-five for some, because others fit well into much younger ages.

Some of the things on my list can't wait. The fact of the matter is, each kid will only be a senior in high school once (at least we hope!). Your high school sophomore is only going to be a sophomore once. Additionally, as much as I'd like to think it will never end, the time is limited when my kids have the time and desire to do specific adventures with their Dad.

Our oldest son hit a significant milestone when he graduated from high school, and in a flash, he'll be off to college. He asked me to take him on a father-son ski trip to Colorado this spring break. Of course, in many ways, the timing wasn't perfect. I had multiple projects going on professionally and college expenses for two kids coming up in the next few years. But my wife and I talked it over, and we focused on the fact that we had an 18-year-old that wanted a spring-break adventure with his dad, and that only happens so many times in life. So Luke and I had a wonderful 5-day ski trip that I wouldn't trade for anything. While I can likely get away next year for spring break, Luke could very well have other plans as he makes his way to independence.

Our youngest son Charlie wanted to make a father-son diving trip to get his open-water diving certification this month. This is his first summer working, but he was able to get the time off. He's 16 years old, mature enough to learn to dive, and young enough to want to do it with Dad. So we jumped on it. Not that it wouldn't have been easier to afford in ten years, but will I be in shape to dive in 10 years? Would he even want to do it with me at that point in his life when he couldn't easily be consumed with a career and possibly even his own family?

What's your bucket list look like? Is there anything on it you want to do over the next five years, or you might lose the chance?

I'm happy to talk this subject over with you on a complimentary call. As a fee-only fiduciary advisor, I never receive commissions and therefore am unbiased on this topic.

Disclaimer: Past performance is no guarantee of future results. Any indices referenced for comparison are unmanaged and cannot be invested into directly. Investments in securities involve the risk of loss. Nothing in this blog should be considered financial advice or recommendations. Your questions are unique to you and your own personal financial circumstances. You should consult with a financial professional before making a financial decision. See full blog disclaimer.

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